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Reporting LightSquad on PfSense Firewall

Hi every body ;
Fellas in thsi section we’ll learn both Light Squid pack installation -configuration and how to log our clients’s internet usage,how many dowload/upload done by them as daily,monthly,yearly
Before Light Squid pack installation we have to install squid and squidGuard which are we’ve discussed about in previosuly section call Squid-Squid Guard installation

1-) Before the LS pack installation ;
From “Services -> Proxy server” choose “Proxy server: General settings” then mark on ;

  • Allow users on interface: Check
  • Transparent Proxy: Check
  • Enable logging: Check
  • Log store directory: /var/squid/log

Pfsense LightSquid_02

2-) To pack installation follow the “System -> Packages” steps and you’ll reach “System: Package Manager” section will appear and find LS pack and start installation

Pfsense LightSquid_01


Pfsense LightSquid_04

After the installation part click on “Status -> Proxy log” to reach LS setup screen

    • Settings
    • Lightsquid Report
    • Proxy State

a. Lightsquid Sekmesi

We can see that which URL pages visited by the clients as daily,monthly,yearly

Pfsense LightSquid_05

.In this screen we can find the logs as daily,monthly,yearly
Pfsense LightSquid_06

When you click on time frame you can find the logs about which sites visited by the clients by per hour

Pfsense LightSquid_07

b. Proxy State Selection
Proxy State Section (PSS) is the screen that you can monitor the current traffic to use this spec an internet site URL must be entered to browser by the clients

As you can see in this SS clients who has IP try to visit on



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