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Pfsense CARP installation and Configuration

Hello Fellas ;

In this section we’ll talk about how to create a cluster between 2 PfSense clients and sychronising them.With this process we’ll prevent any data loss and keep publishing internet to our clients if we face a disaster scenario.

Our enviroment ;


1-) Master system and backup systems’s network legs setting up like this ;

pfsense_cluster_01 pfsense_cluster_02

Configuration initialising.

Click on Firewall–>Virtual IPs then click + button to create a virtual network for our WAN interface


Click on Save and then perfom same steps for Lan Network



2-) After this step create a rule for connecting SYN Interfaces each other for both master and backup system

Click on Firewall –> Rule  and create this rule which is below.


After this step it’s time to ping tests to monitorisin both machine’s connections

Ping to        à andà If there are no any problems we can continue J

3-) Firewall–>Virtual IPs–>Carp Settings to Sync setting for our Master System’s CARP




4-)From Backup machine click on Status–>CARP you’ll see same master systems settings


From Backup machines Firewall –> Virtual IPsàCarp Settings settings like this ;


I’m going to check clients network settings


After this step create a rule on Master Machine you’ll see same rules on backup machines and synchronising done succesfully

5-) Rules that create on video lecture synchronise succesfully you can find logs in this section


In this section we’ll talk about how to create cluster between PfSense hope it’s helpfull.



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